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Education & Children Programs ►Organizational Behavior Professional Certificate Program with Externship

Program includes National Certification & an Externship Opportunity

The Organizational Behavior Professional

No matter what industry you look at, individuals and their work product are part of a broad network of individuals arranged in a way that is meant to maximize productivity and decrease redundancy. In order to help move an organization forward, an individual’s communication and behavior is an important element in the success or failure or any organization. To address these issues, Organizational Behavior Specialists are fast-becoming a significant player in organizations across the country. Today’s Organizational Professionals are increasingly involved in company initiatives and strategic planning. With this evolving role, companies are now able to offer unprecedented opportunities for those entering the field. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of HR professions in the US including Organizational Behavior specialists will rise faster than the national average over the next 10 years, making this a great focus for students looking to enter the business world.

The Organizational Behavior Professional Program

This program addresses how a company functions on a daily basis with the makeup of talent, roles and responsibilities, needs and various divisions that can help to effectively break up a large organization into something that can work effectively and efficiently. Students will have the opportunity to explore the behavior of the organization as a whole, the groups and individuals within it and those elements that contribute to a positive (or negative) work environment. This program examines organizational theory and application to provide a comprehensive review of individual, group, and organizational performance in relation to organizational structures in contemporary business settings.

Program Objectives

At the conclusion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Compare and contrast theories of organizational behavior
  • Analyze management issues as related to organizational behavior
  • Evaluate ethical issues as related to organizational behavior
  • Examine challenges of effective organizational communication
  • Differentiate the differences and similarities between leadership, power, and management
  • Assess the impact that a company’s structure and design can have on its organizational behavior
  • Assess the impact of culture on organizational behavior
  • Use Microsoft Office


  • Discuss the field of organizational behavior and contributing disciplines
  • Define organizational behavior and relate it to management
  • Identify challenges of organizational behavior


  • Explain theories of learning and methods used for shaping behavior
  • Examine the importance of values in the study of organizational behavior
  • Identify positive and negative attitudes and behaviors found in the workplace
  • Discuss methods used to monitor and manage employee job satisfaction
  • Evaluate an ethical dilemma as related to organizational behavior


  • Compare and contrast theories of perception and decision-making processes
  • Discuss factors that influence perception and how these factors affect management decisions
  • Explain how theories of perception and decision-making processes affect management functions related to organizational behavior
  • Identify common biases and errors in decision making and how these can influence management issues as related to organizational behavior
  • Evaluate an ethical dilemma as related to organizational behavior


  • Analyze theories of motivation
  • Explain the concept of motivation by change
  • Identify methods to involve and reward employees
  • Assess employee motivation and job satisfaction by using the job characteristics model
  • Evaluate an ethical dilemma as related to organizational behavior


  • Examine the effect and function of emotions and moods in the workplace
  • Identify how managers can influence the moods of employees
  • Discuss the impact of workplace romances


  • Compare theories for shaping team players and creating effective teams
  • Identify deviant workplace behaviors and their impact on group behavior
  • Discuss how group cohesiveness can occur across cultures
  • Describe the dangers of groupthink
  • Identify barriers to communication in organizations
  • Examine methods and tools used in organizational communication


  • Explain theories and approaches to leadership
  • Analyze the impact of organizational politics
  • Evaluate an ethical dilemma as related to organizational behavior
  • Identify challenges to leadership and the effect that these challenges can have on organizational communication
  • Discuss the importance of trust as related to leadership
  • Compare and contrast the difference between power and leadership


  • Examine theories related to conflict
  • Describe the conflict process
  • Discuss how effective negotiating can occur
  • Identify challenges of negotiating


  • Discuss the elements that managers must consider when designing an organization's structure
  • Analyze how an organization's design may affect relationships with external companies
  • Identify types of organizational and structural designs
  • Analyze how an organization's design may affect relationships with external companies


  • Discuss methods for creating and sustaining a positive organizational culture
  • Examine methods to creating an ethical organizational culture
  • Explain the impact that organizational culture can have on behavior
  • Identify elements of a strong versus weak organizational culture
  • Explain the impact that organizational culture can have on behavior


  • Examine methods used in an organizational selection process
  • Identify methods to formally train employees with various learning styles
  • Analyze methods for improving performance evaluations
  • Discuss how diversity can be effectively managed


  • Identify forces that stimulate change
  • Explain how to effectively implement and manage change
  • Discuss how resistance to change can be minimized
  • Describe methods for managing stress
  • Examine sources of stress in organizations
  • Explore how cultural differences can affect one's ability to cope with stress

Note: This program can be completed in 6 months. However, students will have online access to this program for a 24-month period.

Education and National Certifications

  • Students should have or be pursuing a high school diploma or GED.
  • There are no state approval and/or state requirements associated with this program.
  • There is a National Certification exam available to students who successfully complete this program:
    • Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification Exam

National Certification

Upon successful completion of this program, students would be eligible to sit for the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) exam. Although there are no state approval, state registration or other state requirements for this program, students who complete this program will be prepared and are eligible to sit for this national certification exam. Students who complete this program are encouraged to complete the externship option with their program. Students who complete this program can and do sit for the MOS national certification exams and are qualified, eligible and prepared to do so.works with each student to complete the exam application and register the student to take their national certification exam.

Externship / Hands on Training / Practicum

Although not a requirement, once students complete the program, they have the ability to participate in an externship and/or hands on practicum so as to practice the skills necessary to perform the job requirements of a professional in this field. Students will be assisted with completing a resume and/or other requirements necessary to work in this field. All students who complete this program are eligible to participate in an externship and will be placed with a participating organization near their location.  works with national organizations and has the ability to place students in externship opportunities nationwide.

Note: No refunds can be issued after the start date published in your Financial Award document.